George Ira Carroll - Brainwashing Weekend

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WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! George Ira Carroll uses NLP and covert hypnosis to brainwash people into giving him more money. While insulting and belittling people, and telling then to "break through their fears" he uses manipulation and control to bring people to tears. "For Their own good" he says. If invited to one of these events RUN!

In addition George Ira Carroll takes special interest in the women in his course acting as a PHYCOtheRAPIST under the guise of "Coach" Recommending they make major changes in their lives. After attending this event a close friend of mine decided to change everything in her life following the directions of her coach. She is worst off than before.

It makes me sick!

Review about: Psychotherapist.



WOW!I was looking at attending his workshop, and heard a similar report from a friend: he lured her into a session, and AFTER she was vulnerable, cried and shared her "deepest darkest" secrets and fears- he pulled the plug on session and said he wanted to DATE her!

Sooooo CREEPY!

I know a lot of people who like this guy, but seriously people- just because someone has some charm and charisma doesn't mean they are looking out for you!LADIES BEWARE OF THIS GUY!

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